Adelie penguin

Birds are some of the most interesting creatures that a man can have in the entire universe. They fly high and without any form of strain making them different from other animals and creatures. Man can only walk on his two legs but cannot fly. He cannot also live on trees. He therefore enjoys any time he sees the birds diving dangerously in air and they do not fall. One such bird is the Adelie penguin. This is a bird with unique features and it is known to live in the high seas. Adelie penguin has a medium size body and it is able to swim in the waters and at an extremely high speed which enables it to escape the wrath of its preys in the water. Its body is well feathered and it its appearance is quite impressive and attractive.

Adelie penguin is known for their hospitality. They live in a group and accommodate one another in their nest and living habitat. However any member of the group who steals or spies on the nest comes face to face with wrath of the other adelie penguins. They are forced away and if possible they will unleash aggression on such spies. The adelie penguins live less like human beings taking care of themselves in the best way possible. These social behaviors are well researched and documented to the extent that one can get the information online. During reproduction the Antarctic penguins lay eggs. They move away from the buzzing sea environment and lay their eggs in the nest that are well prepared using piles of stones near the shores of the sea. The parents take time to warm the eggs on daily basis each one of them having his or her turn to do it. The Adelie penguin on turn to warm the eggs is not allowed to eat rather it is supposed to concentrate on the assignment during the day and night.

In the recent past the population of Adelie penguin has decreased tremendously. This has been attributed to decrease and low ice in the sea due to adverse impact of human activities leading to global warming. There are worries among the conservatists that they may face extinction. They do not breed as much as they previously used to do hence making them few every other day. Adelie penguins are known to trek long journeys. They can do kilometers and kilometers in the sea. They feed on the sea creatures such as the fish. However, their diet varies from one place to another and especially when they are rearing their chick. Adelie penguins feed on what is available in the vicinity where they are reproducing and nursing their chicks and even when they are in the sea. In a colony, several Adeline penguins may end up disappearing after being preyed on and getting eaten by their prey in the sea. The cannot live without one another due to security and love. The birds are a bit smaller compared to other penguins known in the world and they behave more or less than human beings.