Gentoo penguins

In many parts of the world, there are various species of birds. Such bird keeps on varying due to the environment and the length of their lives on earth. Some birds’ species are known to live on earth for as long as one hundred years and above. This means a century and above. Birds are a source of inspiration owing to their ability to feed themselves and build their own nests contradicting the behaviors of some lazy human beings who only wait to leap where they have not sown yet they have both hands and two legs which they can use to work and place food on the table. Such inspirational birds include the gentoo penguins in the Antarctica. They are known for their unique features, characters and the audacity to face life. Genoa penguins are touted as a splinter group that split from the original penguins millions and millions of years ago.

Their unique legs distinguish them from other penguins in the world. Their chests and the lower abdomen are white and ensure that they are easily recognized from far and wide. Gentoo penguins are touted as the largest among all the penguins known in the world. They are also known for their untold speed surpassing that of any other swimming penguins by far and wide. When guarding the egg after mating, the female gentoo penguin reduces in weight as they spend a considerable amount of time guarding the eggs from external aggression that may steal or destroy them. Gentoo penguin can withstand any from of harsh weather and sail though no matter how harsh the weather is.

Gentoo penguin breeds in the nest located in the shores of the sea. They do not prefer very deep shores but rather the opposite is true. They are known to change their nest every breeding season as they are intelligent enough to know that the grass has been interfered with. In many cases gentoo penguin are domiciled in the water and seas are their place of aboard. However they lay their eggs in nest made outside the sea and they secure this nest in the best way possible. The nest are wide and spacious enough for laying of eggs and some male gentoo penguins make advances to the female by ensuring that they get just the awesome stones. This makes them look more or less like human being to some extent.

Gentoo penguins are known to feed on fish and other sea creatures. They are also known to be attacked by other sea animals which eat them. Others just attack their chicks and run away with them. Gentoo penguins are also known to be getting extinction. With time their population in Antarctica and other parts of the world has been reducing every other day causing jitters among the world animal and bird conservatists. Gentoo penguins are known for their size and beauty which not only attracts their male counterparts but also acts as a source of attraction for the tourists. They stream from allover the world to Antarctica to get a glimpse of the gentoo penguin first hand.