Wandering Albatross

In the world, there various species of animals and birds. This variety enables the world and life to have meaning and enjoyment. People travel the world in their quest to quench their thirst for these animals. At one point in life, one must have had a craving to see a certain world animal or bird. Such craving in most cases start when we are young and ambitious in life. Such kind of craving can only be quenched by seeing the animal or bird in question. This may not be as easy as one may think. Some of these animals and birds may not be available; others may be available but far away while others may be extinct from the face of the world completely. One country where there has been some form of pilgrimage is Antarctica where citizens of various countries around the world have made their maiden tours of the world to see the rare species of the bird called the wandering albatross. The bird is one of the Albatross’s that many authors have tried to bring into the limelight through their well done articles and research on them. These research and articles have led to curiosity and anxiety among the readers making them makes good their threats to go and see the bird wherever it is. Wandering Albatross is a rare but funny bird to study about as well as to research on due to its relationship with other birds of the same species.

Wandering Albatross is known for its appetite for sea food including fish and other creatures that float precariously on the water. However, they are known to eat small fish as they cannot afford to net big fish such as whales and sharks due to their strength and complex dental formula. At one time those who have done extensive research on the wandering albatross have confirmed that the bird can really eat and at times it feeds to the extent of overfeeding hence flying becomes a tall order. Under such circumstances they are seen floating in the water with an appearance that can depict overfeeding and fatigue. It has also been proved that they can follow ships and moving vessels in the sea as they have an idea that those occupying them are likely to damp refuse in the sea and they can take this as an opportunity to feed.

The wandering albatross wings are just huge and spacious. This enables them to fly high and far for leisure and in search of food. Those who follow the bird during its errands in the sea have confirmed that they got tired and retired before it was exhausted. Wandering Albatross is therefore a sturdy bird. Such extra ordinary features have made many people in the world tour the Antarctica to quench their thirst to see it. It has earned this particular place a name as a tourist destination as well foreign exchange earner. Wandering albatross reproduce by laying eggs which they do every ones in a year. The wings of wandering albatross are used by many people to manufacture stems in tobacco pipes. This is very excellent coming from a bird. Wandering albatross have therefore been ranked as one of the world’s best and intelligent birds one can ever hope to see.