Antarctic Seals

Antarctica is one among the seven continents on the earth and it is the coldest and driest continent. On account of the extreme climatic conditions prevailing on the continent, human beings are not in a position to live on the continent and there is little life except for the Antarctic animals such as whales, penguins and Antarctic Seals. Other animal species such as lions and tigers cannot survive in the harsh conditions offered by Antarctica. Since the Antarctica weather is always extremely cold and the ice layer is found to spread up to 7000 feet like a hard rock.

Whereas there are several varieties of Antarctica whales available, different varieties of Antarctic seals are found to live in the continent. Among the different varieties of Antarctic seals available in the continent, the Weddell seal and leopard seal are best known and recognized. It has been found that sometimes more than twelve feet long leopard seals having a greyish colour with spotted markings are found more in the continent.

The leopard seals behave like tigers and lions living in any African forest and they pursue the animals which are warm blooded and kill them for their food. Apart from the leopard seals, there are other crab-eating seals namely; the Weddell seal and the Ross seal. See our Leopard Seal Facts for more seal facts.

According to statistics available in regard to varieties of Antarctic seals available on the continent, there are two species of giant size elephant seals and they are called as sea elephants. One type of elephant seal is known as southern seal which is found to live in the waters around the Antarctica Ocean. Another variety known as the northern elephant seal is found to live in waters off the coast near Lower California.

However, the species look alike and it is not easy to differentiate them instantaneously. The bio adult males are found to measure nearly twenty feet in length and weigh more than 8000 pounds. The female seals are much smaller and they usually measure no more than nine or ten feet. Once the mating is over a single 90 to 100 pound pup is born within 50 weeks.

When it comes to the gigantic male elephant seal it is found to carry a lengthy and protruding snout. In the case of any impending danger, the male Antarctic seals expand their snouts apart from emanating roaring noises. During recent times, people started killing the seals for want of oil and hides, on account of the above, they have been close to extinction since 1890. Leopard seals are found to have long shapes and have slim bodies apart from large heads and jaws.

Their jaws are huge having a lengthy and sharp canine teeth and it weighs more than 300 to 600 kg. The gray seal is medium sized having a length more than ten feet and they feed on a variety of fish and the average life span of gray seal is about thirty to forty years. It is quite interesting to note that many tourists are flooding into the continent in order to spot the different varieties of whales and seals available in the waters of the different islands near the continent.