Leopard seal

Have you ever seen a seal in your life? The answer that most people will give is a no. This is because they live in the very cold places of Antarctica. This text is going to focus on one of the seals called the Leopard seal. It is also referred to as the sea leopard. It is among the animals that live in the Antarctic. The Antarctic might be a very cold place but there are animals such as the Leopard seal that are able to survive in that place. The Leopard seal is the second biggest of the seal species. This tells you that it is a big animal. It was called a Leopard seal because it has spots that are almost similar to those of a leopard.

The seal is among the sea mammals that we know of. The Leopard seal is a mammals but it feeds on meat. It has very sharp teeth and they say that the Leopard seal is the only animal that is second to the killer whale in hunting. When the Leopard seal is young, it will feed on fish and krill. The mature Leopard seal on the other hand feeds on fish, emperor penguins, king and even the Antarctic seal. Leopard seal are known to even attack divers. The animals that live around the Antarctic have their own way of surviving.

The Leopard seal lives in the cold waters in the Antarctic and it only comes out of the water to breed. As a matter of fact, it spends a lot of its time in the water. During summer, the Leopard seal spends its time around the waters of the Antarctica and when it is time for winter, the Leopard seal goes to the sub – Antarctic islands where it is a bit warm. The Leopard seal is an animal that is used to staying alone and you will only find them together when it is time to mate. Like all other animals, the Leopard seal makes a certain noise that calls the animals. The noise can be heard from very far.

The Leopard seal might not be as vocal other seals but it makes some grunting sounds whenever it is necessary. The Leopard seal is known to be a very bold and curious animal. If you watch what the animal does on National Geographic, you will realize that it is a very curious animal. At some point, you will realize that it tries to go to places that are quite isolated. Funny enough, the Leopard seal tends to play with penguins that it does not have an intention of harming them. The Leopard seal is one animal that you need to be very careful when you are next to it because you do not know what will happen next.

The Leopard seal is a harmless creature when it is not next to you. The Leopard seal is known to have attacked some people who had gone camping in the Antarctic. If you a biologist or a photographer, you need to be very careful because the Leopard seal can be quite dangerous.