Ross Seal

Watching animals in their natural habitat is very interesting especially if they do not know that you are watching them. If you go to a national park, you will realize that there are ‘silence’ signs all over. There are some animals that will become violent when you go near them. If you do not like going to the park, you can watch the animals on TV. The national geographic has something for you all the time. This is where you will get to know about Ross seal, killer whales, sea gulls and even penguins. The Ross seal is usually associated with Antarctica because it is the coldest continent in the world. When you look at the features of that continent, you will realize that it is only ice and water. Funny enough, these are the conditions that the Ross seal does better in.

The Ross seal is known as pinnipeds. This is because it is able to survive both in water and on land. The Ross seal lives in the water and comes on land to breed only. When you look at the picture of the Ross seal, you will realize that it looks like a fish. It is a mammal that has flippers that help it to survive in the water. There are several types of seals apart from of Ross seal and they have one name because they belong to the same tribe of seals. The reason why they live in the water is because the Antarctic Ocean is quite warm as compared to the land.

The Ross seal is a carnivore. It feeds on the small fish in the Antarctic Ocean. The Ross seal is well adapted to this feeding habit because it has teeth and it has very strong jaws that will help it to feed. The Ross seal is able to swim very fast and it is able to pursue its prey for long time without giving up. The flippers that they have help them to swim very fast. Pinnipeds are known to have the ability to stay underwater for a long time. The Ross seal is one of them and so it can stay under water for a long time.

A Ross seal falls in the category of true seals and that is why it spends most of its time the Antarctic Ocean. In as much as the Ross seal feeds on small fish, it also is eaten by the killer whales that are in the Antarctic Ocean. The Antarctic might be very cold but the animals that are there are able to feed well. When they are on land, they are not comfortable because their fore flippers are more developed than the rear ones. Ross seals communicate by grunting and slapping the waters.

The animals in the Antarctic Ocean are very many and they have very varied characters. There more you get to learn about the characters of the Ross seal and other animals, the more you will appreciate them. They are also very vocal .Their grunting is very loud and it can be heard from very far. Get other facts about the Ross seal from the internet.