Weddell Seal

weddell sealweddell seal

Do you know what a seal is? This is a question that most people do not like answering. This is because they do not know what it is. Information on seals can be found in books or even by watching the televisions. Seals come in different types and even species. Not all the seals that you see belong to the same species. A good example is the Weddell seal. It is in the category of the true seals like the Leopard seal but it is in a different class from it. Weddell seal is the seal that is found in all the places of the Antarctic. When you look at maps that show the distribution of Weddell seal, you will realize that it is found in all the places that are covered with water. Antarctica is a very cold place and it is covered by water and ice.

The Weddell seal is the one that has been studied so much by the human beings because it is found very easily. Like all seals, the Weddell seal is a sea mammal. I Weddell seal is the only seal that has characteristics that are almost similar to those of animals. This is because it does not spend so much of its time in the water. The Weddell seal lives on land and they only spending their time in water during winter. In winter, Weddell seal always stays in the water with their heads poking through the ice to get some air.

When you look at the Weddell seal, you can confuse it with that of a cat. This is because it has whiskers, the short mouth line and even the nose structure. The male Weddell seal is quite smaller as compared to the female one but if you do not know how a female Weddell seal looks like, you can never spot the difference because they are almost of the same size. However, the muzzle, neck and the head of the male Weddell seal is bigger than the female one. The colors of the Weddell seal also differ depending on the age of the animal. If the Weddell seal is older, it gets duller and if it is young, it has a very dark color.

If you are looking for the Weddell seal, you need to look for them between cracks of ice but they will be in smaller groups here. When the animals are not in the water, they are always on the edges of the water and they like to lie on their side. Weddell seal like living on ice during the winter season. The good thing with the Weddell seal is that it cannot harm the human beings. They are very friendly and you can even approach them.

The Weddell seal feed on fish, squids, krill and even penguins. When Weddell seal is in the water however, it becomes prey for the killer whale and the Leopard seal. In as much as they are readily available, they have been subjects to poaching. Poaching is what led to the protection of the Weddell seal. There are rules and regulations that govern them and you might find yourself in court if you are not careful.