Humpback Whale

Whales are known to be the biggest mammals in the world. They live in water and they have characteristics of both fish and mammals. They give birth and breast feed their young ones and they also take care of their young ones. Whales also have streamline bodies that enable them to swim well in the water. What do you know about the Antarctic? It is known to be the coldest point in the world. This coldest part in the world is the one that has interesting animals like the humpback whale. This might be a new term to a lot of people. The humpback whale belongs to the baleen class of whales. The humpback whale is in the same class with the Minke whales. These are some of the things that you need to know about the humpback whale.

The humpback whale is an acrobatic animal. All whales are known for breaching because it seems as if there is a kind of satisfaction that is derived from that. The humpback whale has a very distinct body shape such that you cannot confuse it with any other. The humpback whale has very long pectoral fins and a knobby head. It also likes slapping the waters with its tails. Its features make it to appear very beautiful. The humpback whale is a favorite to the whale watchers.

When it comes to the feeding of the humpback whale, it has a feeding habit like all whales but it does not feed on the big fish. The humpback whale feeds on small fish and the Antarctic krill. The fact that it has a baleen instead of teeth makes it unable for the humpback whale to chew very hard things. If you look at the humpback whale feeding, you will realize that it only opens its mouth because the Antarctic krill travels in swarms and it also does that to other small fish. The humpback whale has a unique way of hunting where by it makes bubbles which attract its prey and then it swallows them in one gulp.

The humpback whale lives in the major waters but the highest numbers are in the Antarctic Ocean. They are very funny animals because they do not live in one place. They keep on migrating. They can move from the Antarctic Ocean to the water of the Arabian Sea. The humpback whale like spending summer high latitude waters that are cools and then they mate in the calving subtropical and tropical waters. It is this migration that has made the humpback whale one of the best travelled mammals.

Humpback whale has similar characteristic like the Minke whale because they fall in the same class. The humpback whale however was almost extinct in one of the years because of increased whaling, the Mammals might be very big but there are many ways that have been invented to catch such mammals. It is this extinction that made the organizations that are responsible for taking care of the humpback whale and other marine life to make some rules and regulations on what should and should not be done.