Orca Whales – Alternatively Known As Killer Whales

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Planet earth is the only heavenly body that supports life. This is because it has the conditions that are right for animals to survive in. The distance between the earth and the sun is very important because the distance between them is what makes the earth a conducive place for human and animals to live in. The sun rays that reach the earth are in the right intensity and that is why there is life on earth. We all know that seasons occur as a result of the earth revolving around the sun and the rotation is what causes day and night. Do you know that there are places on this earth that are cold throughout the year? It is very true. The South Pole is the best example. It is believed to be the coldest place on planet earth. When you look at the pictures that National geographic shows, you will realize that there is snow all over the place. This does not mean that there are no animals that live in the Antarctic. Killer whales or orca whales, penguins, seals and squids are examples of animals that live in the Antarctic.

Climate of the Antarctic

As mentioned in the first paragraph, Antarctic is said to be the coldest place on earth. The land is covered by ice all over the place. The sea also turns into ice when the place is very cold. Unlike other places that have winter sunlight, the place does not have sunlight all year round. This is what makes the place unsuitable for living. They say that this is the only place where the human beings do not like to live. Despite the fact that the place is very cold, there are some animals that live in that place. Ironically, the water is warmer than the land so the animals usually go to the water to warm up a little bit. This tells you how the Killer whale is able to survive. There are also plants but they are ground hugging.

Facts about the Killer whale

The killer whale or the orca whale is one of the animals that are in the Antarctic. We all know that whales are mammals that live in the water. Further research however shows that the Killer whale can survive in all water temperatures….however, the highest number of orca whales is found in the Antarctic. The killer whales are usually black and white in color and they have teeth. When you look at the pictures of the Killer whale, you will realize that they have a lot of teeth. This is of course to help it in eating its prey. Orca whales come in different types and you need to know them well for you to differentiate their types.

Feeding habits

Every mammal has its own feeding habits. The human beings are omnivorous because they feed on both meat and vegetables. The ungulates are herbivorous because they feed on herbs and we have carnivores which are the animals that feed on meat only. Orca whales fall under the carnivores, they feed on prey. The killer whale comes in five different types, this tells you that the things that they feed on are also different. There are some whales that will prefer to eat herring, other salmon and even seals. The orca whales that live in the Antarctic are lucky because they can feed on seals too. The Killer whale is also known to feed on birds such as penguins. They do this by regurgitating fish on the surface and this will attract the sea gulls and then the sea gulls will attract penguins, and that is one way how the orca whale gets their meal. They are at times referred to as the wolves of the sea because they hunt in a pack. Surprising enough, they can also feed on sharks.

Conservations measures

In as much as the highest population of the orca whales that live in the Antarctic, there are people who are able to hunt them down. Whale hunting is not something that is new. You might see that the killer whale has nothing that you want but there are people that see a potential in it. In as much as most of the people who go whale hunting are not successful, there is a need to protect the orca whales. They need to be protected from pollution. When spillages occur in the waters, marine life is usually affected. Also, there are some killer whale species that need to be conserved too. Noise from ships, marine watchers and even high intensity sonar is also known to destruct and disturb killer whales.

Other animals in the Antarctic

The animals that are in the Antarctic also play a huge role in the survival of the Killer whale. This is because they feed on them. When you read the paragraph that talks on the killer whale’s feeding habits, you will realize that those that live in the Antarctic are able to lure the penguins and they feed on them. When you watch the National Geographic, you will realize that the Penguins are not that fast and so it is easier for the Killer whale to reach them

The information that has been provided above is just a small fraction of the things that you ought to know about the killer whale. The sizes of mature orca whales cannot be compared to that of a human begin. A mature human being is very little when you compare it him/her the size of a mature killer whale. The calf of the orca whales is what can maybe be compared to the size of a mature human being. The next time that you watch the National geographic show, you need to watch the way the animals in the Antarctic behave. Their behavior is what enables them to survive in that cold place. You can find some further information and great clips of killer whales at the BBC website : Killer Whales