Minke Whale

Antarctica is the coldest continent on earth. This is because it is on the Southern part of the world. The continent is full of ice and water only. It is said that there are no plants in the Antarctica and the ones that are there are ground hugging. They use this as their survival mechanism. However, there are some animals that survive in these harsh conditions. A good example is the Minke whale. It is a member of the baleen whales. They are called so because they filter food from the water because they do not have any teeth. The Minke whale is very interesting animals as you will come to agree after reading the paragraphs below.

A Minke whale is the second smallest baleen whale. This tells you that there are other whales that are bigger and smaller than the Minke whale. The Minke whale and other whales that are classified under Baleen whale are said to be the largest animal species to be known. If you try to compare the size of a Minke whale with that of a human being, the human being looks very small. That is why they never try to catch the Minke whale because they are stronger than them. This is also one of the things that distinguish it from all other whales.

When the Minke whale is about to dive into deep waters, it breathes for about five to three short intervals before going into the water. It is a very swift swimmer. In as much as it is a mammal, it has all the characteristics of a fish. It has a streamlined body that enables it to swim very well in the water. When it comes to breaching, the Minke whale is very good at that. The Minke whale is black, gray or purple in color. This color helps them to camouflage when they are in the water. The good thing however is that not many people can make trips to the Antarctic Ocean to look for the Minke whale because it is very cold.

The gestation period of the Minke whale is almost equivalent to that of a human being. The female Minke whale gives birth after 10 months. The young one of a Minke whale is about 2.4- 2.8 meters long. Since the Minke whale is a mammal, it takes care of its young one for about 10 months before letting it go on its own. When you see on the National geographic that the Minke whale and its calf are inseparable, then you know that the Minke whale is calving.

Conservation of the Minke whale is important but not from fishing because there is no human being that can carry the Minke whale. The whale should be protected from pollutions. If you get a clip that displays the Minke whale breaching, you need to watch it because you will get to see some features that make it possible for the researches to differentiate the Minke whale from all other whales.