Antarctica Cruise

Travel to Antarctica and have your very own Antarctica Tour! The Antarctic provides great Antarctic tourism for anyone to participate and enjoy. The area and landscapes makes it a superb region for photography for both the natural landscape and Antarctic animals you can observe. There is not a great deal of humans in this region nor are there many people who have undertaken an Antarctica Cruise, this creates a more unique feel and presence while you enjoy the views.

Antarctica Travel

If you’re interested in Antarctica tours and may even be planning for an Antarctica travel adventure then there are some things to point out.

Antarctica Travel Times – It is important that you choose your time of visit wisely. The Antarctica has a specific period when it’s ideal to participate in an Antarctica tour and this time is from November to March, any other time periods will not give you the best Antarctica tours. November to March is the best as April to October in the Antarctica can be a dark and very cold place with the ice packs freezing more and limiting closer access. The Antarctica is a cold place at the best of times!

Penguins are an appealing bird species that attracts visitors solely hence if you want to catch a glimpse of them then November to February/March is the best time to travel to Antarctica. In November it is the Antarctic birds mating season, December to January provides a great site for seeing penguin chicks hatch and be cared for by their parents, and February/March is when the chick penguins make their way to the chilly Antarctic Ocean while the Antarctic whales are easiest to spot during these months.

Budget – Antarctica travels is by no means the cheapest of holidays as on average it will cost you around $5000 minimum! This does not actually include the best flight seats or accommodation.

Boats – Various locations are available to travel from to get to the Antarctic region, the most common departing locations are:

Punta Arenas – Chile

Ushuaia, Tierra del Fuego – Argentina

Buenos Aires – Argentina

Puerto Madryn – Argentina

Port Stanley – Falkland Islands

Larger ships are the more ideal transport for comfort and more luxury but also results with a lot more tourists where as the smaller boats have; less tourists, little less comfort but more time on shore due to the lower number of tourists.

Flights – Of course there are plane companies that can get you to the Antarctica by air, although many cancellations and time delays can occur due to weather conditions and safety issues. However some planes offer fly cruise options where they will simply just fly over the Antarctica and not land.

Antarctic Tours

Once you are on your way and are on the Antarctica cruise you must ensure you take the right precautions and equipment. By planning ahead and doing some research will put you in great stead for a great lifetime memory.

Shore Visits – There will be times when the Antarctica cruise will land ashore and enable you to place your feet on ground. The shore visits are typically short…estimated maximum possibly being around 3 hours which even depends on the size of your Antarctica tour boat. At this time it is important that you equip yourself well with winter gear for instance warm jumpers and coats as well as good footwear. You may be given specific equipment to wear by the guide, all of which will help Antarctica tours be more comfortable and enlightening.

Health and Safety – Travel to Antarctica crucially entails health and safety, you should always stick with your guide and follow any instructions they give out. The Antarctica can be a very dangerous place with many glaciers and ice packs that can fall apart, dry regions are actually fire hazards so flammable items must be carefully handled in those regions. There will also be basic medical treatment in the Antarctica so ensuring you are in good health is equally important.

Environment – The Antarctica region is very significant in research and natural significance due to the low human population inhabitants. You must ensure you do not litter, disturb wildlife, change landscape features or take anything for example plants or fossils. All of which the guide will explain and instruct you.

Antarctic Tourism

An Antarctica cruise is an incredible life experience for anyone who is interested in the natural beauty of both wildlife and landscape. It offers many amazing memories and unique sights that few people will actually see in their lifetime. It does cost more than the average holiday but you are paying for the unique sights of wildlife and scenery that is sure worth it.

Antarctic tourism has been on the increase and every year there is an estimated 30,000. So it is a popular destination that will continue to increase.

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