Whale Facts

Below are all of our whale facts. The Antarctica holds a variety of whale species due to the large amounts of food available to the whales.

Blue Whale Facts

whale facts


• The Baby blue whale size can be as long as 23 feet and weigh an outstanding 2.5 tons.
• Baby Blue whales will drink 400-500 litres of milk a day!
• It is known that the baby blue whales have been attacked by Orcas, the killer whales. Although no kills have been recorded there has been a fatal injury linked to an Orca attack.


• Antarctic krill is abundant in the Antarctic Ocean and is an ideal feeding ground.
• They may be the largest animals on the planet but they eat one of the smallest.
• They have to eat around 4 ton of food every day…this amounts to a mass of 40 million krill.


• The blue whale is the largest whale, in fact animal on earth that is ever known to have existed.
• Blue whales are on the endangered species list resulted from a lot of whale hunting or whaling as it is known.
• Blue whales can grow as long as 98ft…The average size of a human is roughly 5.8ft
• In reality we do not know much about them
• Scientists have never accurately weighed a blue whale but they estimate they can weigh up to a near 200 tons! Their tongue alone can weigh as much as an elephant and their heart as much as a car.